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Screen Time Solutions
The Best Intensive Programs and Self-Paced Courses for Families

Screen Time Solutions: Guided Digital Detox or Self-Paced Courses

Parents we here you that you are overwhelmed and stressed with the challenges your children are facing.  

You have the power to guide your children to make healthy digital choices online… but Big Tech does not make the journey easy. 

The GOOD NEWS is we can help you get screen time balance right the very start OR help you hit the reset button to reimagine life with better balance.
The growing culture of disrespect, family disconnect, digital addictions, and increasing mental health crisis makes it extra difficult for parents to lead their children with confidence and see other academic, behavioral, or therapeutic interventions work their best, when youth attention is being stolen online and their brains are in a constant state of neurological overload.  The research is clear that the harms sustained from youth from scrolling, social media, and gaming are not worth the fleeting moments of happiness, fake friendships and perceived educational benefits Big Tech leads you to believe can be safely gained by smart kids online.
If you are like millions of other parents, get a pass to completely RE-DO and easily rescue your kids from the wrath of addictive apps with a professionally guided digital detox. Screen time sneaks up and causes massive neurological problems, a digital detox can reset the brain, help kids feel better fast and reprogram their relationships with screens… and their family. Unlock a new lease on life for your kids with our help.
You are NOT alone in following your instinct that there MUST be a better way, than seeing your child hide away online, away from activities and relationships that make us whole.  The profound neurological impact of screen time impacts babies, adolescents, teens and young adults until their brain is fully developed in the mid 20s is undeniable, but can be reset with a digital detox.  Without effective government protections, unfortunately it’s up to parents to help the next generation realize their full potential and how to lead a digitally intelligent, safe, happy, productive life.

New Customized Digital Detox Integrative Treatment

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The TechXpress™ Reset:
Holistic Transformation Starting with Screen Time

For parents who need results NOW before your child misses more milestones or ultimately turns 18 and risks becoming a treatment-resistant young adult, missing out on all that life offers with inadequate coping & life skills, burdened with underlying digital addictions that hamper success, with unnecessary mental and physical health challenges that can last a lifetime, without an intentional transformation. Done with love and respect, this fail-proof 2 week jumpstart easily continues into 6-8 weeks to reach your child’s neurological baseline.
If you are raising a child missing out on real life or with serious mental health concerns, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, behavior challenges, or academic struggles this intensive 6 week program will yield results where all other specialists have failed. Why? Because screen time is a foundational disruptor, preventing other treatments from working effectively and blocking the ability for developing brains to function appropriately. Even 30 minutes a day for some children can create severe dysfunctions – yet this critical area of youth health is one of the most difficult for parents to resolve effectively– until now.
Have you tried therapy, courses, tutoring, and other specialists… and still struggling to help your child thrive in the digital age? We have the solution that starts with establishing a healthy neurological baseline with a 100% guided digital detox. 
You will achieve maximum transformation results in an easy-to-implement expert guided approach using our proven 4 Step Methods to help your child’s brain completely reset AND restore fractured relationships. Reduce concerning behaviors, ADHD challenges, Autism struggles, behavior disorders, academic struggles, eating disorders, self-harm impulses, and tech obsessions along with and a whole host of other brain-body issues you probably don’t even realize are connected to electronic screen stimulation!
Parents will take strategically planned steps & obtain done-for-you calendars, bespoke activities, and personalized guidelines to post in your home to become reunified during a 6 week screen detox ending with a gradual release and sustainable new media plan based on your family values and individual child’s circumstances. In addition to a safety plan and logistics of implementing our fail-proof digital detox, you & your child will learn how to reorganize your home and routines to scaffold good habits that last– that will transform your child’s behavior, academic performance, social emotional skills, and trigger new passions in life away from screens for life.
Options include meetings to mentor your child and meet with others: counselors, teachers, specialists, co-parents, mediators to maximize the TechXpress Reset synergies with a Screen Modification Plan and all the concierge done-for-you documents to guide the process.  
For more details to see if your family circumstances and goals would be a good fit for this amazing opportunity to help your child, pre-teen or teenager to find the inner light to relinquish further unnecessary suffering Schedule your free consult now.

Recommended Self Paced Courses

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screen time clinic course

Power Up Your Screen Smart Knowledge

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Enroll now  for $575 to gain access to this in-depth 90 minute self-paced course based on the premium group presentations given by Screen Time Clinic educators. PLUS receive a 60 minute power session ($499 value) with STC founder Nicole Rawson to craft a customized plan for your family. This course will help you better understand the impact of immersive screen time brain development, the different risks of various types of screen time AND solutions to prevent digital media overuse (DMO), social media harms, mental health decline, and gaming addiction.
During this self-paced course you will understand WHY screen time gets in our way to be healthy, happy, well adjusted humans and what steps parents and young adults can take to improve focus stamina, behaviors, grades, and mental health — all of which are greatly impacted by screen time. Learn about how it affects brain development, academic focus stamina, athletics, and critical social emotional skills.
Plus receive a free download of the STC 2024 Family Media Guide with over 20 printables to get started making big changes now with a plan that is more than contracts and rules… a plan that works! ⭐️ Course quality counts, you can be assured that Screen Time Clinic courses contain unbaised information and the latest best practices, never influenced, collaborated or funded by Big Tech

STC Endorsed Course for New Parents

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Jenifer Madden has hosted many live webinars about screen time & babies and Virtual Autism presenting simple no-cost ways to boost a baby’s or toddler’s development, with a focus on specific playthings, interactions, and activities. She’s explained why it’s more brain-beneficial for your child to spy for apples with you in the grocery store than to do a shopping game on a screen. Guest speakers like Speech-Language Pathologist Alyssa Loberti give must-know tips and alternatives to entertain and teach that are better than screen time.  

● Is your baby or toddler slow at babbling, pointing, and doing other things babies and toddlers are supposed to do? 
● Did you know screen time can be detrimental to your child’s development? 
● Do you use screen time as frequent entertainment for your toddler or baby? 
  Developmental deficits and tech use: there is a proven connection!  Just like we learned using bumper pads in cribs seemed harmless but is a hazard, we must adjust to research showing that a baby’s solo use of a tablet or phone is not safe. Take this course, essential for new parents and those working with toddlers and babies..

Rest Summer Camp: Online Intensive Parent Course

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Thinking of sending your child to residential detox camp or want to prevent this expensive option? Undertake the entire Reset Summer Camp curriculum from the comfort of your home with access to their educational and call-to-action content.  Don’t wait, hit the reset button now before your child becomes a treatment resistant young adult with digital addictions from brain matter that becomes much less neuroplastic in the 20s leading to a lifetime of struggles. 
 Find Out More and 10% off with SCREENSMART discount code.

Small Group Screen Smart Workshops

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Group Workshop: Create Your Family Media Plan: Transform Your Family & Keep Kids Safe

Don’t wait until screen time is out of hand and becomes a crisis. If you are seeing negative behaviors when screens are removed this is a major sign of overuse that will NOT get better without skilled intervention, nor will children and teens “grow out of the phase” because of the highly addictive design & overstimulating nature of games, apps, YouTube, social media and many educational programs. 
Schedule a discovery call to see when the next group course date is available for your child(rens) age group(s) to enroll in this working session for small groups. This 3 Session high-impact workshop will lead you through the essential steps needed to create AND implement an effective Family Media Plan.  We will walk you through how to plan it, implement it, and adjust it to fit like a glove for YOUR needs! Determine new rules and guidelines– decide  just how much time (and when) you should allow to protect your children from gaming addiction, social media depression, autism spectrum & ADHD symptoms that are made dramatically worse by even modest time online. It’s NEVER too early to write a media plan to keep you, your parenting partner, and child on the right path– ideally from birth!  ✨We recommend both parenting partners attend but if only one is willing or available we will talk about how to get everyone on board with the new plan! You can do it! We can help! 
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