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Learn How to Harness the Benefits of Tech AND Flourish As Humans

Corporate Trainings & Custom Adult Digital Wellness Interventions

More than just services for youth, adults can now schedule their professional digital wellness assessment to learn how to easily modify your time online to feel better FAST with our NEW TechXpress Guided Screen Detox Program for adults struggling with ADHD, OCD, sleep issues, gut health, stress, relationships, and performance demands.
We know you are overstimulated and stressed with work demands, but did you know advances in AI have likely made your leisure media habits spiral to a high level, causing more neurological and physical harm than helping you relax? We are experts in helping adults balance technology for optimal physical and mental wellness! 
Many adults have become increasingly overwhelmed with work and consumed by social media, scrolling, gaming, and online shopping or even gambling and pornography during the pandemic– and it doesn’t feel good. Working from home or using computers all day at work makes digital media overuse (DMO) even more likely. Our education and consulting services from STC professionals can be transformative for yourself as an individual or your company.

Start the transformation now with a FREE consult from one of our specialists or Email us to request the HR Benefits package overviewing the content of our seminars and workshop for adults. Read about our featured AI Fluency + Screen Smart workshop  in San Diego.

Capture the HR Benefits of Digital Wellness

Specialists to Educate and Motivate your Team

Digital wellness is one of the most important areas since the advances in AI greatly impact adult mental and physical health. Our international team of digital wellness experts are here to educate your group about the newest online pitfalls that contribute to tech overwhelm, erode focus stamina, deteriorate emotional intelligence, lead to digital addictions, and health risks that greatly impact work and personal life. Learn proven ways to reclaim and structure our precious time, become more digitally intelligent, and learn essential new tech etiquette to harness the power of AI and thrive as productive and happy humans! 

Glowing Reviews of Adult Wellness Presentations

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Digital Wellness Workshops +
AI Trainings for Corporations

Contact us to discuss how your business can harness the efficiencies of AI in partnership with FindGood.Tech and mitigate risk harms with trainings in digital wellness from Screen Time Clinic. Learn how your company can benefit from a professional digital wellness workshop, AI + Screen Time collaboration, or multi-session program to improve workplace efficiencies as well as employee satisfaction, communication systems, mental health, and maximize productivity. Prevent employee burn-out and better engage remote employees. The new corporate culture of online work doesn’t need to be overwhelming or unmanageable with intentional tech practices working towards digital flourishing. We help leaders define routines & new workplace norms that WORK for work!  From 90 minute Keynote Presentations, Comprehensive Trainings, Workshops or Lunch&Learn formats, we have a tremendous selection of live presentations and courses available to rally your team and keep them prepared for the future.Email us for a PDF overview and exclusive preview of the content or schedule a time to talk.

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    Special Self Paced Master Class
    from STC +

    Get the digital wellness jump start now! Easily enroll in our self-paced course to gain access to content previously available only to corporate groups as a $3000 keynote presentation!  Improve your work satisfaction, relationships, and focus stamina– while reducing depression, anxiety and ADHD symptoms — at the same time improving sleep, and a host of other benefits you probably don’t even realize are connected to electronic screen stimulation! Lead by STC founder Nicole Rawson and Larissa Mills, founder of Mental Skills Academy in Canada, students will take strategically planned steps to identify the reasons and benefits change is necessary to support good digital habits that last! Enroll now to get started.

    Digital Media Impacts ALL Areas of Human Wellness:
    Mental, Physical, and Behavioral

    The brain-body connection has been well studied throughout history. However, did you know that modern, fast paced, scrolling screen time over-loads brain functioning (even tho we may look or feel relaxed while scrolling)?! It’s true. But there is a better way to manage your time online so it’s not negatively impacting your mental health.
    It’s not your imagination that it feels more difficult today than ever before to accomplish tasks that once seemed easy or enjoyable! But finding pleasure in the mundane nuances of life and the high drive for accomplishment is diminished with excessive time gaming, scrolling, gambling, shopping, or other online time indulgences that leave us feeling more than just “meah” about getting things done!  Taking a digital detox, setting new routines, and evaluating priorities can transform you from inundated to tech-intentional, feeling ready to conquer the world! Or just get started on your “to-do list” ASAP. Learn more about how screen time is proven to disrupt neuropathways getting in the way of your best intentions… without you even realizing it.
    Employees are more likely to be satisfied and productive in jobs with a strong wellness program in place — this includes knowing about the biggest area of impact in our life: technology management. Out of every ten employees, nine say they are motivated and satisfied in their jobs when their employers support their health and wellbeing in meaningful ways.  All your efforts to eat healthy and workout are diminished with lack of sleep from scrolling, poor body image from self-comparison online, and digital addictions that prevent us from being good to ourselves.
    Leisure time online has a significant negative impact on income and earnings. Happy, healthy, and more productive individuals have better opportunities in the workplace. However, digital addictions can quickly lead to financial troubles with online gambling, spending, and unnecessary financial risk taking easily accessible by apps and manipulative platforms designed to steal you attention– and your money. Compared to other companies that do not have a wellness program, employees have a 40% chance of having better financial performance when given proper education about financial health and risk avoidance. Digital reputations are easily reported and difficult to repair. Behavioral digital addictions are becoming the most expensive and difficult to cure area of human weakness. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in this area of digital wellness.
     Thanks to Big Tech tricking us into believing that apps and games are harmless way to spend our free time, most adults have not idea that many physical ailments are caused or made worse by time on devices. From eye myopia, tech-neck, dry eyes, eye ticks, deep sleep interruptions (just with 15 minutes of scrolling prior to sleeping!), stomach issues, headaches, ED, and a host of disorders such as OCD, anxiety and depression have been well studied to be made worse or caused by screen time. Many doctors are overwhelmed with no idea about the newly proven and well researched impact of screens on other areas of health.  Undertaking a digital detox is free and easy to do, yet we feel powerless to make change. Until now! Know better do better. Digitally Intelligent Adults are Emotionally and Intellectually Intelligent Leaders.
    New research shows 54.1% of computer users suffer from eye-related (dryness, redness, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, etc), and 45% of posture-related (back and neck pain, headaches, rounded shoulders, spine deformation, etc) health issues. As a result, unhealthy posture and eye health kills human productivity and focus stamina by 20% or more. Using smart technology from can improve this area within a short amount of time.

    Reduced Health
    Care Costs

    Comprehensive wellness programs ensure a decrease in the healthcare costs an employer has to incur. Money spent on wellness programs saves the company at least thrice the cost that would have been spent on healthcare. With a wellness program in place, an employer could see a 62% decrease in healthcare costs. Digital wellness impacts all areas of life.


    Statistics show that having a wellness program in place can decrease absenteeism, saving costs. As an employer, you can get a return on your investment when your employees are present and doing their job. 56% of employees are present & more productive at work due to a strong wellness programs, with digital wellness impacting all areas of life.

    Increase in

    Having a wellness program in place will significantly increase productivity at work. As mentioned earlier, everything starts in mind, so if your employees are relaxed and in a good headspace, they will be productive at work. A wellness program will see a 54% increase in productivity when it is employed. Digital wellness impacts all areas of life.

    Improvement in
    Employee Behavior

    Having an employee wellness program helps improve the employee’s health behavior and reduces risk. Significant increase in productivity and a drop in absenteeism with a strong wellness program in place. Studies show that 70% of employees are satisfied with their work if there is a strong wellness program. Digital wellness impacts all areas of life

    Request a "Intro to Digital Wellness" Lunch & Learn Seminar For Your Group

    We offer a limited amount of free full length digital wellness seminars via DonationMatch as well as brief 30 minute introductory power-lunch seminars for adult groups of 50-100 interested in learning more about Screen Time Clinic. Attendees will learn brief insights on the science behind digital media and how it impacts our humanity, and 3 take-away points to get started in the right direction. Schedule a time to preview and book your seminar now.

    Digital Wellness Retreats: Unplug & Learn in a Relaxed, Fun Environment

    No wellness retreat is complete without introspectively addressing our relationship with technology. Improving your Digital Intelligence is an essential component of reaching your ideal state of optimal overall health. A select few of our Certified Digital Wellness Educators at Screen Time Clinic® are available for destination trainings, specializing in the topics of how time on technology impacts our health without mindful management. Become more productive, healthy, and happy with less wasted time on technology. Learn how to prioritize tasks and mindfully craft your screen time so you are in control. Leaders, book these short seminars or all day workshops to inspire your team. Resorts, offer our expert-lead courses as part of your wellness programs. Influencers, gather your peeps for a mindful digital detox so you can get back to work refreshed and recharged. The science behind the brain-body connections is solid, we must learn to use time on technology responsibly or it will deplete us of our ability to thrive as humans. Let us show you how in a fun, relaxed environment at your next retreat. [email protected]

    Recommended Screen Time Resources for Adults

    Thought Provoking Digital Wellness Podcasts for Adults

    Digital Wellness In the Workplace News

    Wall Street Journal’s Julie Jargon- consistent weekly articles, videos, and change-making investigative reporting about the impact of digital media on our bodies and brain. Feb 2024 about how to remove pesky new notifications from social media apps that keep coming up even though you have notifications turned off!

    1/4/23 FORBES article on the high personal and professional cost of irresponsible digital addictions urging adults to “control your tech before it controls you”

    2/22/24 WSJ continues to write about digital wellness benefits for adults including Digital Decluttering and companies like Siggi’s Dairy offering big rewards for Digital Detox competitions

    Let us help you host a Digital Detox Challenge for your employees or as a consumer engagement promotion! Find out the value of hosting a digital detox in this blog post by Izzy Field and contact us for ideas on how to incorporate this as part of your engagement strategy!

    Harvard Medical overviews the impact screen time has on adults in the workplace Business Leader 5/2022 takes a look at how leisure screen time negatively affects work environments and how Screen -Free Weeks can boost awareness and help build new healthy habits boosting mental health and productivity. Eyes Wide Open about TikTok– are the mental health and cyber security risks worth the entertainment or business value? Reasons to delete TikTok now.

    Social Media and Gaming Litigation Companies:

    The time is here to make your voice heard and really make change by holding social media and gaming companies accountable for harm done to children and adults. Have you suffered because of an addiction with social media or gaming? Lost income opportunity or spend thousands on therapy? Join the class action lawsuits to hold media companies accountable for their addictive design. Bruster: Law with A Higher Purpose Top Class Action law firm
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