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At Screen Time Clinic we know it takes a village to make change. That's why we support teens and young adults working to educate peers about the benefits of mindful time online.

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Olivia is a 2022 high school graduate in Kansas City and digital wellness advocate for T3: Teens and Tech time \"The pandemic has significantly increased screen time, whether that be from sitting in front of a laptop for 8 hours a day with remote and online learning to being stuck at home in quarantine with nothing other to do than binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Hi, my name is Olivia Angles and I am currently a senior at Notre Dame de Sion High School. I have participated in JV and Varsity basketball all four years. I am the leader of the Relax and Restore club. I have been an active member of the National Honors Society for two years. I have a passion for giving back to and serving the community. Growing up, I have always enjoyed service opportunities and helping others. I come from a large family with 13 aunts and uncles on my dad’s side and 6 aunts and uncles on my mom’s. I am the fourth of five kids in my family, so I learned how to be adaptable and easy going from a young age. My team has decided to dive into the negative effects of the mental health of young teens due to and stemming from social media and technology usage. I have witnessed this problem first hand many times and do not like how the results are showing through the health and wellness of our generation and the younger generation of kids. As someone who has dealt with the effects of poor mental health and social media related issues, I am an advocate. I know it is hard living in today’s day and age to just put it down. I am interested in this topic because I see examples every day of what needs to be done and what needs to change. I hope to spread educational awareness as a student, sister, and friend. I want others to understand that mental health, physical health, and overall well-being is not something to shame but to embrace and grow from.\"


Elise is a 2022 high school graduate in Kansas City and digital wellness advocate for T3: Teens and Tech time. \"Mental Health in younger children is something we do not always talk about and we mainly focus on teenagers mental health. 70% of pre-teens are on social media and the effects are causing uprooting issues with depression, suicide, and anxiety. Being a teenager myself through this time is definitely challenging, and that is why I want to create a change. With everything now at our fingertips, we can see the world changing at any time. Hello, I am Elise Stringer. I am currently a senior at Notre Dame de Sion High School. Joining the Impacts Program at Sion is something I have been very excited about because I am passionate, hardworking, motivated and have strong time management skills. I give everything my all and want to be the best version of myself in each thing I participate in. During my time at Sion I have been on the Tennis and Swim team for four years. I am a varsity swimmer and a JV tennis player. I am the president of true crime club and work at Barstow outside of school. Being self- motivated pushes me to get things done so I can see the final product of all the hard work I have put into something.I prioritize what needs to be done and see things through to the end like being hardworking and motivated\"


Smith is a dynamic speaker for high schools and youth groups in the Utah area and beyond. See more info on the Live Life Bigger Foundation. \"I draw my motivation to spread light from my many years spent in the dark. In my early elementary years I was bullied for my size and my speech impediment. This led me to believe that I wasn\'t enough. After being exposed to pornography and getting several different social media platforms, I slowly became a victim of addiction and self-hate. ​ I drove myself far away from everyone that I love and found myself dealing with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. After creating a suicide plan, my parents found out about everything that was happening and it created a pivot point in my life. On this day, April 23, 2018, my mom grabbed my face and said \"Smith, I will fight for you but you have to fight for yourself first.\" So I did. ​ I now spend my time travelling and speaking to schools and youth groups about the harmful effects of social media and pornography and inspire them to live a life beyond their screens. I give parents the resources that they need to parent with confidence in a digital era. This mission of mine is needed and it will never end.\"
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