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At Screen Time Clinic, we believe learning healthy digital routines should be approached from a point of leadership within every community. Our world class trainings provide essential information for parents via schools, pediatricians, & community groups.  We provide 1-1 support for parents with digital interventions to help free children from digital addictions, improve ADHD and mental health struggles.  Our corporate trainings lead businesses to use technology with intention and balance the advances of AI with wellness. Our international network of educators are dedicated to providing accurate information – our funding NEVER comes from Big Tech to deliver unbiased research about screen time to protect youth online and help improve the mental health crisis. 

Our network of educators are vetted to be trusted leaders in their communities, trained to use evidence-based information about the importance of digital wellbeing to lead seminars for parents, youth, and adults. STC was founded in 2018 by public school teacher, Nicole Rawson after seeing the inability of students to pay attention in class with constant distraction of media and her own son’s heartbreaking struggle with gaming addiction prior to undertaking drastic measures to detoxify and set forth a new future plan.

The rapid advances of artificial intelligence have caused social media and gaming platforms to become extremely addictive and laden with toxic content, posing a significant threat to our children’s neurological development and altering the fabric of our society and humanity. The harmful effects from excessive time online knows no boundaries based on age, race, income or sexual orientation.  Prevention of digital addictions via education and strategic interventions are essential for healthy families and individuals.

Screen Time Clinic’s mission is to provide grass-roots community support around the globe by passionate, ethical, and knowledgeable individuals who specialize in communicating the benefits of a screen-light childhood and accurate information about the risks to all ages via gaming, scrolling, pornography, and predators. Through our membership and strategic collaborations, Screen Time Clinic hopes to inspire millions of families and individuals worldwide to create healthy digital routines. We believe learning about the risks & acquiring tools to sustain healthy screen habits should be available to everyone, since the addictive design impacts so many areas of personal wellness, family values, and society norms.

Our funding never comes from Big Tech or companies that profit from the capturing our time online such as TikTok, Meta, Discord, and others who’s platforms are unregulated with unsafe algorithms proven to cause harm to children and a safe haven for predators. Screen Time Clinic® is privately funded and is fiscally sponsored by Unplug Collaborative 501(c)(3) supporters can donate to our efforts in helping educate more families and youth via this partnership.

Just as parents and schools benefit from education about how to best guide children when it comes to screen time, businesses also benefit from taking proactive steps to help employees manage their digital wellness goals as adults. Our network is dedicated to helping communities educate everyone about the big benefits of creating healthy technology boundaries.

Screen Time Clinic® Certified Coaches

Trust you will receive non-biased advice about screen time

Have confidence when booking 1-1 coaching or educational services from our network of Screen Time Clinic Certified educators that our information is based on best practices and the latest research relating to screen time.  Far beyond completing a single course or payment for certification, we are 100% confident in our coaches ability to provide value to their community and clients, which comes with a money back guarantee for all services booked within our network.

STC Certified coaches are vetted to have a deep understanding of the different areas of digital wellness, pledged to give ethical guidance to improve childhood development, family functioning or individual life satisfaction as it relates to technology. 


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