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Our network of affiliated coaches, educators, and recommended companies are trusted by Screen Time Clinic® members to be champions of digital wellness, recognizing the risks and potential harm screen time can present and help families in all areas of human wellness.  They do not receive funding from Meta, TikTok, Discord, or other gaming or media companies, unlike Common Sense Media, National PTA, Digital Wellness Lab, and more who’s advice and reporting shows varying degree of bias due to funding influence. It takes a village and we are here to help!

Reset Summer Camp
Reset Summer Camp offers a fully immersive, clinical program hosted on a university campus, providing a fun-filled summer camp atmosphere in CA and Montreal, Canada. Participants are able to detox from their screen addiction and learn how to self-regulate, as they participate in individual and group therapy as well as follow-up after returning home.
PlayFair and the Action Network
Playfair is a truly independent voice standing up for what kids and families really need when it comes to media. They advocate for a world where kids can be kids, free from false promises of marketers and manipulations of Big Tech.
Durable Human
The Durable Human was founded in 2009 as a platform to inspire adults and children to cherish, strengthen, and protect their unique human assets, capabilities, and perspectives in a complex and increasingly digital world.
Brain Balance Centers
Brain Balance The purpose of the Brain Balance Program is to engage the brain and body in such a way that it improves the way the brain functions, leading to improvements in how we feel and function in our daily lives. .
Unplugged Collaborative
Unplug Collaborative is our Non-Profit Partner and organizes the National Day of Unplugging, an annual global awareness campaign that has been running since 2009. The other 364 days a year, they help every city turn into an Unplugged Village™ and with the social impact initiative, Unplug for a Cause® we make tech-free experiences meaningful and accessible to all.
Cosmo Technologies: Distraction Free Safe Watches For Kids
COSMO is a different kind of technology company that’s reinventing the future of technology, to make sure families come first. We design and build innovative technology solutions that help keep kids safe and families connected.
OurPact Technologies
OurPact’s parental control and family locator was designed with the busy family in mind. Our parental control app and family locator work cross-platform for iOS and Android parent and child devices, on WiFi and cellular networks. No matter where life takes you – and what devices you and your children have along for the ride – we’ll be by your side.

Merlyn Horton

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Merlyn Horton is based in Vancouver, BC Canada and a trailblazer in the field of youth digital safety, having founded SafeOnline back in 2002 passionately dedicating her work to keeping children safe online. She provides expert knowledge-filled workshops and presentations that help parents, teachers, and youth understand the many aspects of digital citizenship. Merlyn is an accomplished speaker and experienced parent coach & mentor! EMAIL Uto connect with Merlyn. 

Jen Hoey

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Jen lives in Sydney, Australia and has been an avid supporter of children’s mental health and vocal advocate of digital wellness since 2019.  Jen is in the process of completing a Degree in Cyber Security and Behaviour and has completed a Certificate in Counselling and Psychology, as well as other certificates in online safety.  As well as being founder of “Not My Kid”, she administers a parent support Facebook group, and offers Parent Cyber Safety consultations. EMAIL US to connect with Jenny!

Jen, M.Ed/LMFT & Kay, M.ed/P

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Jennifer, M.Ed./LMFT is an educator and licensed family therapist, specializing in perinatal psychology and the brain’s first imprints in life. She holds 3 Masters degrees, has written 4 books, is a wife, toddler mom, and outdoor enthusiast. Kay, M.Ed.-ET/P. is an educational therapist who works with neurodiverse learners in early literacy and executive functioning skills. Kay is the founder of her own private educational therapy practice, Key Learning, in Santa Barbara, CA and TechWise Littles, digital wellness education services online.  EMAIL US to connect with Jen or Kay!

Eva Danielsson

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Eva lives in Mallorca, Spain and Stockholm, Sweden and  is passionate about supporting and educating parents to take leadership over tech in our fast-paced digital world, creating a healthy tech and life balance and raising tech responsible children.

Eva is a Certified Digital Wellness Educator and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, with a methodology of raising children with kindness and firmness, and growing peaceful families based on mutual respect. EMAIL US to connect!

Karine Galland

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Karine is the owner of Le-Coaching, specializing in digital wellness coaching since 2017 and lives near Paris, France where she helps clients all over the world reach their digital wellness goals. Learn more about the French perspective on digital wellness with families, schools and corporations. Karine offers customized coaching and accountability services for families as well as corporations. Contact us to connect with Karine to support your digital wellness goals! EMAIL US to connect!

Abby Lynch

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Abby is the owner of Play More Tech Less and lives in Naperville, Illinois. She is a licensed speech language pathologist with over 12 years and digital wellness advocate focusing on the power of play during childhood. Her special interests and areas of expertise include working with children with autism spectrum disorders and with children who stutter. Abby offers inspiration for parents via Instagram (used as an age appropriate tool for adults), individual coaching, educational seminars and support to both parents and children. EMAIL US to connect with Abby!

Penny Marenge, MSc.NP-C

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Penny is the owner of Screens ‘n’ Kids and lives in Barrie, Ontario and is a licensed mental health nurse practitioner. She is passionate about preserving the early years of childhood and provides parents, early childhood educators and caregivers with resources & tips and strategies to support low-tech living. She provides individual coaching and support to both parents and kids in navigating their digital wellness journey in Barrie and surrounding areas of Toronto. EMAIL Uto connect with Penny!

Dolly Denson, RN

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Dolly lives near San Antonio, Texas and is a nurse practitioner,  wife, and mother of three older children who inspired her deep desire to help other parents establish healthy limits with technology for their children and avoid the missteps earlier generations experienced.  She is passionate about equipping you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to be THAT Mom strong! Check out her podcast “Be That Mom” for inspiration and insight. EMAIL US to connect with Dolly!

Susan B. Arico

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Susan lives in New Haven, Connecticut and is dedicated to helping adults and families manage screen time, an expert of cell phone psychology and media use. Susan’s coaching service options include a faith based approach to balancing tech time and personal phone challenges to provide adults with the accountability they need to reset and reevaluate life priorities. Susan is a talented writer who contributes to the blogs published by Screen Time Clinic! EMAIL US to connect with Susan!

Christina Feier

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Christina lives in Graz, Austria and is passionate about helping adults and families detox from screen with mindful guided meditations to connect with the infinite potential all humans big and small possess without digital interference.  A trained hypnosis coach specializing in digital wellness, Christina can help multiple areas of your life with personal guidance. EMAIL US us to connect with Christina to support your digital wellness goals with this new and effective way to unplug and reconnect!

Ashley Becker, OT

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Ashley lives near Portland Oregon and helps families to overcome the challenges they face with their kids to become a stronger, more connected, and joyful family. Ashley is an occupational therapists, helping families achieve transformational changes in all different areas of parenting challenges, including screen time to deepen their in-person relationships. EMAIL US to connect with Ashley to support your family’s digital wellness goals! 

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