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Help Youth Reclaim Healthy Habits with a Digital Detox or Harm Reduction Plan

Even a modest amount of screen time has a proven negative impact on areas of physical and mental health, with youngest users being the most sensitive. We can help!

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Select professionals at Screen Time Clinic are available and trained to support parents and work with healthcare providers concerning Digital Media Overuse (DMO). We work alongside other professionals to support youth to evaluate and reprogram their digital media habits to experience better outcomes with health, academic, athletic, and personal relationships. Excessive screen time is a significant secondary issue often overlooked that is likely to impede the progress of medical, educational, and psychological treatments for optimal health, but can EASILY and AFFORDABLY be addressed with the right guidance. Help youth FEEL BETTER WITH REDUCED OR ELIMINATED LEISURE SCREEN TIME of which even a small amount of time viewing screen is leading to what is now referenced as Digital Media Overuse (DMO) —the Modern Unhealthy Coping Behavior and Early Addiction Struggles. Social Media, Gaming, Pornography, fast paced cartoons and \"educational games\", and even excessive blue light exposure for work or school all have serious well researched effects on the sympathetic nervous system , the network of nerves that helps the body activate its “fight-or-flight” response, with artificially induced real stress and excessive constant release of hormones from overstimulation causing brain damage even when our bodies look calm while viewing. Would your patient or their child benefit from a digital reset? The answer is most always YES, and we can help with an Integrated Treatment Plan that includes specialty coaches like us. Just as a nutritionist or strength coach would be called upon to improve that area of life, Digital Wellness Coaching can be truly transformational when used in conjunction with other medical, professional, athletic, or academic goals. We can help determine reduction or elimination of digital media and create a digital media detox plan to guide clients on how to make smart digital choices and lifestyle modifications for noticeable benefits in less than 2 weeks, recommended for 30-60 days depending on the overuse and addiction severity and health goals. Consider us your Digital Nutritionists & Personal Strength Trainer for the Internet helping your clients feel better faster and avoid behavioral addictions from DMO that can last a lifetime if left untreated.

    Have clients or loved ones experiencing:

  • Poor sleep quality?
  • Mental health challenges?
  • Low academic achievement?
  • Poor self-regulation?
  • Behavior disorders?
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder?
  • Eye twitching, ticks, headaches?
  • Anxiety? Low self-esteem?
  • Addiction resistance?
  • Neurosensitivities?

Improve the outcome of your intervention and treatment efforts with digital wellness education and learn about the benefits of a harm reduction plan or digital detox. Anyone can refer clients to Screen Time Clinic® for additional assistance in helping guide healthy choices and determine lifestyle and technology modifications that work best depending on numerous factors contributing to the areas of Digital Media Overuse negatively impacting mental and physical health. Or consult with us about proven methods to treat co-occurring digital media overuse yourself. Self-referrals or parents are also welcome.

Concerned about Digital Addictions? You Should Be.

There’s a Way to Help Your Child Have Less Screen Time In School To Support Your Harm Reduction or Digital Detox Efforts at Home

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The Most Under-Treated Behavioral Addiction Impacting All Ages

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