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Family Digital Wellness Guide $19.95 - Updated for 2023!

STC Comprehensive Digital Media Guide  $9.95 – Updated Quarterly*

Prevent big regrets later by having a plan NOW to keep your precious children safe from self harm and predators. Use this guide to become your family’s own digital navigator. Or book a discovery call below with one of our highly knowledgable educators to take fast path NOW and invest in your child’s future AND save your sanity! Our 60-page comprehensive guide is the best in the industry with up-to-date research on WHY limiting and monitoring is so important and HOW to start making changes.  With over 20 printable worksheets, you can easily keep the whole family on track to become happy and healthy screen smart citizens. Transform your family from stressed to connected now! *Newest version 12/1/23

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Industry Leader: Only Company to Offer All-Inclusive Integrative Treatment
100% Guided Digital Detox Program

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Empower your Tribe, Get your Kids to THRIVE – Don’t Delay, Schedule Your Meeting Now With Our Team of Experts for Parent Coaching, Teen Mentoring, or Digital Detox Guidance

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Nicole Rawson, B.A., MBA, STC Founder & Educator ~ San Diego, CA

Jessica Ludlow B.A. ~ STC Digital Wellness Educator ~ Central Utah

Erin Chen, MSc Med~ STC Educator & SexEd Specialist ~ Zürich, Switzerland

Emily Cambira --STC Digital Wellness Educator -Portland, Maine

Michael Jacobus STC Educator, Reset Summer Camp Founder ~ Orange, CA

Joan Johnson, OTR/L, MPA-HA ~ STC Digital Wellness Educator, Portland, Oregon

Melissa Baker B.S. Health Ed & STC Digital Wellness Educator ~ Gainesville, FL

Michelle Jordan, PT, MPT STC Digital Wellness Educator ~ Houston, TX

Yetty Williams, Digital Wellness Educator ~ United Kingdom & Lagos

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