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Partner With Us to Help More Families Improve Mental Health, ADHD, OCD, Autism, Developmental Delays, and Other Challlenges with Strategic Digital Media Management

We are interviewing to add more educators and referral partners to our team. You might be a good fit to earn our exclusive Certified Digital Wellness credential or partner with us if…

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  • You LOVE inspiring & helping people, particularly kids & families.
  • Your advice, guidance, and insight helps improve people’s lives and you want to do MORE without having to start from scratch- particularly about screens!
  • You KNOW time offline helps kids (and adults!) grow, learn, and thrive OR want to learn MORE about it to help your family and others?
  • Your TIME is valuable and you should be well compensated for your knowledge and ability to connect with others in a meaningful way.
  • You crave the support of a TEAM to maximize your advocacy efforts
  • Looking for a trusted referral team to support your CLIENTS and boost your practice offerings
  • Just tired of giving advice or seminars for free when you should be getting PAID!
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You are experienced in helping children and communicating with parents, becoming a digital wellness educator would be a great summer job or even full time job like our founder, Nicole Rawson!

Therapists, PTs, OTAs and Counselors–
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You see firsthand the negative impact screen time has on development and mental health. Even fast paced cartoons or one hour of gaming can have detrimental effects for young minds and neurodiverse children. Add another level of authority to your advice about screens and utilize our resources to guide families. Earn additional income referring our digital wellness services and use our presentations to support your clients.

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You want to be there for your kids, but you’d also like to earn an income from the positive impact your inspiration will have people’s lives. You want to help others learn from your wins and mistakes with systematic guidance. Must have formal coursework completed from the Digital Wellness Institute and other demonstrated continuing education in the area of neuroscience and screens.

If Approved, Enjoy the Benefits Being a STC Certified Digital Wellness Educator or Referral Partner:

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  • Set your own schedule and receive free business tools & coaching.
  • Choose to work 1:1 with parents, lead small groups, or teach seminars.
  • Coach in-person or virtually with material that would take you years to develop.
  • Create work-life balance that suits your family 
  • Be appreciated for making a big impact, screen time is the #1 parent concern yet less than 50% of parents feel empowered to effectively manage and there are few experts devoted to this area assisting families in making positive changes when it comes to screens. 
  • Offer online seminars and courses without being a technology wizard, use our presentations, promotion material and social media templates!
As part of the team, you will have exclusive access to:
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  • Receive FREE access to self-paced training for STC digital wellness certification 
  • Your own Screen Time Clinic webpage 
  • Option to purchase [email protected] email address
  • Pre-Made Presentations on Different Topics, Templates, and Designs via Canva
  • Marketing Materials via Trello Superior Organization System
  • Training to lead digital detoxes with our exclusive STC TechXpress Reset Playbook for fail-proof results
  • Host book readings of Screen Smart Sam children’s book
  • Access to experts & resources in our network & virtual co-workers
  • Optional Business goal setting, systems, and coaching
  • Optional monthly trainings on research and best practices
  • Private Facebook group “Screen Smart Families” to market your parallel services
  • Private Facebook group for our network of collab-minded coaches
  • Established Social media presence, use of past posts & templates, no need to have your own social media accounts or website
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Joining the Screen Time Clinic® will save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs to branch into this area of expertise. Sure, you could do it on your own, but it’s expensive and time consuming! 

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Undecided? Click here to schedule a Zoom meeting now with Nicole to learn more or simply apply online

We’d love to hear from YOU!

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