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Protect Future Generations From Media Harm

It's Time to Fight Back

If you feel compelled to speak up against the tech  companies that have too much power and influence over our human attention and youth development, here is a list of companies you can become more involved with to really impact change from lawsuits to legislation and some we have reservations about the biased nature of their information & advice.

The Wall Street Journal recently published new investigative reporting about fake studies being flooded to science journals. Big Tech has consistently pointed to many of these meta studies (studies that summarize other studies with their own conclusions) and their own studies via Digital Wellness Lab and others overseas that intentionally downplay the risks or show that there are no adverse effects.

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Unbiased Non-Tech Funded Organizations Pushing for Legislative Protections against Unsafe Media Design

Designed with Kids in Mind

Fairplay: Unbiased advocacy (funding doesn’t come from big tech swaying their recommendations)

Media Literacy Now – Over and over, we see that grassroots local and state-level advocacy is the engine that moves media literacy education forward. We’re working to ensure media literacy skills are taught in every K-12 classroom around the United States, but we cannot do this work without you.

Fight The New Drug – speaking up against pornography

Watch the 2/14/23 Senate Hearing, see video clips below

Social Media and Gaming Litigation Companies:

12/11/22 60 Minutes Special on Media Lawsuits

Bruster: Law with A Higher Purpose

Top Class Actions

Warning Parents! YOU will be held liable for your child’s deteriorating mental health or psychotic breaks proven to be associated with excessive gaming if harm to others (or possibly them) occurs. Not Big Tech as they should be. Gaming was a significant factor that parents ignored in the Crumbly Case where both parents were found guilty of involuntary manlaughter for their son’s school shooting.

Plus If your child is going into college eSports they now require signing hold-harmless waivers that you can NOT SUE them for sort or long term health problems that will inevitably arise from hours of unhealthy gaming and increase in obsessive, addictive neuropathways. Why allow your child to do eSports when they should be going to college meeting a variety of people working on their actual social skills and academics?! Danger! Money or scholarships do not justify harms!

Article on Lawsuits

Reporting with a Purpose

Wall Street Journal’s Julie Jargon– consistent weekly articles, videos, and change-making investigative reporting about the harms of media and children however some articles like the one on Robux (crypto currency marketed to children with addictive intermitent reward and gambling design) is concerning.

Gaming Bans:


Shame On National PTA

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Change.Org – Speak up Against the National PTA using TikTok and Discord to give internet safety presentations and not disclosing where $2M+ funds are allocated and for what purpose, when TikTok is the source of many negative behavior challenges and culture of disrespect that schools struggle with on a daily basis. This wolf in sheep’s clothing technique should not be condoned with TikTok pretending to help schools and promote positive media use.

Wachout for These Organizations

Boston Children’s Hospital “Digital Wellness Lab” Funded by Meta, TikTok & Others 

Sponsored by Meta and TikTok, the Digital Wellness Lab should not be affiliated with Boston Children’s Hospital and gives consistent misinformation about the risks of social media and gaming, downplaying the seriousness of media harm with questionable polls of uninformed parents using self-collected statistics to support their claims. Speak up against industry articles that look to them as a source of information on how to guide medical professionals.

Common Sense Media

Funded by Zuckerberg Foundation, Twitter, and other Big Tech (featured on their website), are biased in their inaccurate app/media ratings and recommendations. They promote underage use of social media and EdTech in the classrooms.  Many watchdogs have noted this problem yet few pay attention due to their mask of “doing right by kids” but really doing barely enough. They receive millions from fundraising and donations for lobbying they should not claim they are unbaised and position themselves as providing “trustworthy information” since their funding largely comes from Big Tech. “Common Sense is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families by providing the trustworthy information, education, and independent voice they need to thrive in the 21st century.” Conflict of interest, stock holdings, and funding sources are not listed on their 990 filings which is also cause for concern even tho they claim to have no affiliation with media but clearly they do!

Other concerning organizations or those that are tackling these issues head? Email us [email protected]

Legislative Changes Are Needed in America

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