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The New Athletic Edge: Superior Digital Media Management

Team Trainings and High Performance Coaching Relating to Digital Risks

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If you are an athlete or coach or parent looking to improve your athletic focus stamina and overall health, we are here to promote better cognitive functioning and help mitigate the unique risks time online presents for athletes. We partner with The Mental Game Academy in Canada as well as other local specialists to provide athletes with an edge many still do not know about — reducing digital media exposure has major benefits. Athletes need special consideration to protect against distractions that sideline focus and digital addictions that athletes are particularly susceptible to due to their natural super-focus gifts.  Plus show how to take steps to secure systems to safeguard their online reputation and reduce/remedy blackmail schemes that are all too common with youth and young athletes. The founder of Screen Time Clinic, Nicole, was a high performance athlete herself in high school and college, and understands the many sources of pressure and stress young athletes face in the digital age. If you are an athlete, coach, or parent, find out how a digital media detox to refocus & rethink time online plus a Screen Smart Athletic Plan to protect & amplify your most precious asset: your brain.  Schedule a free Discover Call with Nicole here.

The Digital Media & Treatment Center: Partners in Best Practices & Research

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The Digital Media & Treatment Center provides certification training for therapists, coaches, and digital wellness educators. They are an unbiased authority on the latest research involving media and have been reporting the research relating to the negative impact on athletic performance and athlete’s mental health and overall wellness since 2020 when these connections became more apparent with the rapid increase in young users. Keep in mind BigTech wants us to believe that eSports are a healthy way of competing and playing video games makes us smarter. There is very little evidence on the benefits of video game playing and many many risks that can be mitigated with proper digital wellness coaching!

Many Screen Time Clinic coaches are certified by the DMTC and we use this knowledge to help families with athletically gifted youth and adult athletes excel without digital media draining their most precious resource: Mental Strength & Focus

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Perplexity Summary of Youth Athlete Screen Risks

Managing Your Online Image

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Master Managing Your Name, Image & Likeness with a course, resources, and book from The Players NIL. Influence with purpose, protecting your reputation and building your brand to use social media and off-line marketing opportunities to drive revenue, meet business partners, and build your network of supporters. Learn how to stop mindless scrolling and posting that leads to mental health and performance issues — be disciplined to intentionally utilize your time online with purpose and measurement metrics.

Digital Wellness Trends in Sports

Articles and Research Relating to Athletics

So many athletes seem to be quitting social media these days –obvious benefits range from ignoring haters and having more time, to maintaining focus and better overall health. Here’s why many athletes take a social media break for the season or even permanently, letting others manage their media accounts.

Why Professional Athletes Are Now Quitting Social Media

Wall Street Journal Spotlight:

Social Media Has Become Essential for Athletes. It Can Also Be Miserable.

It’s a mix that has underscored the complicated relationship that professional sports now has with social media. It’s an essential part of athletes’ lives, and ability to make money. It can also take a direct toll on their health, and with it, their ability to compete at all—and some athletes are starting to wonder if they should turn away from it. Read the 2023 article here.

Who Else Is Quitting Social Media In Sports?

This Philadelphia Eagles player found key to happiness: quit social media.  One of the changes he made over the past year was ditching social media, joining a growing number of athletes who are deleting apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to eliminate distractions and improve their mental health. In March, renowned former Arsenal soccer player Thierry Henry announced he will no longer be using social media until the platforms do more to tackle racism and bullying. New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso revealed he got rid of social media in February, noting he wants to “live in real life.” And then-Kentucky Wildcats basketball forward Isaiah Jackson said in December he and “a lot of guys on the team” temporarily deleted their social media accounts because of severe fan reaction to their 1-6 start. Read the full ESPN article here. 

Screen Time Clinic® + MGA Courses

Self-paced seminars for athletes about how social media, gaming, porn, bullying, and scrolling negatively impacts athletic performance and practical solutions for managing time online to mitigate these risks. Gain a certificate of completion. Contact [email protected] for group pricing and enrollment information 

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