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Carrie is a Digital Wellness Educator with Screen Time Clinic and a Registered Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in various healthcare education settings. As a long-term Nurse Educator, she understands the importance of customizing her consulting approach, to meet the needs of each individual and group. Carrie’s passion for digital wellness began in 2015, when she observed the daily, digital lure observed in her three teenage children. Her strive for digital wellness continues on, as she recognizes the overall digital saturation taking place, causing displacement of healthy physical and mental health practices.

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“Not too long ago, there were not any resources for my generation of adults or children – it was like being in a dark room and feeling around for a light switch that did not exist. I wish there had been someone to guide me, but we just didn’t know enough. My children were not allowed to have phones until entering high school, but they pressured me every single day….it was grueling. And now, almost consistently each day, I observe adults that are completely absorbed in the digital world of their cellphone, and I am concerned of the long-term overall physical and mental health impact.”
Carrie works with adults who need assistance in balancing their own screen time exposure. She helps people put individual measures in place for a healthy and productive life balance.  Additionally, her medical field experience enables her to work with individuals, in shifting their focus to healthier life choices overall. Carrie is also a Certified Nurse Case Manager and throughout her nursing career, she has educated a diverse group of individuals, including those living with chronic illnesses. Carrie’s Certified Corporate Wellness Certification and public speaking experience, also enables her to deliver informative digital wellness workshops to groups and businesses.
“We are no longer dealing with basic internet surfing, but an endless wave of distraction, a false sense of acceptance and witnessing the unfolding of an anxious world. There is no time to pause.” 
Carrie is available for 1-1 consultants, seminars for corporate digital wellness and adult groups.

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