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Dr. Young specializes in adolescent exercise modifications with emphasis on individuals with neurological impairments and is certified in Neuro IFRAH based treatment, Advanced Pilates for Neurological Conditions, Adaptive Boxing, Nutrition & Exercise programming for Lifestyle Management & Weight loss. Dr. Young is passionate offers group seminars and 1-1 coaching on digital wellness and other inter-related topics.
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Dr. Young lives in Houston, Texas and is a physical therapist, digital wellness educator, yoga instructor & boxing enthusiast with an affinity for holistic care. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and also holds a Master’s Degree in Human Performance & Recreation with emphasis in Exercise Science as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Tougaloo College.

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I love to connect with parents, schools, youth groups, and community organizations in the Greater Houston Area

Houston, Texas, United States
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