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Emily Cambria, is a Holistic Health Coach, owner of Project Wellness for Life and a licensed Occupational Therapist located in Maine, USA.  With over 20 years’ experience, working in schools, adaptive recreation, home health, and hospitals, Emily is devoted to helping individuals and families cultivate practical healthy habits that support brain development and function to last a lifetime.  An advocate for utilizing the powerful correlation between the mind/body, the root of health and life, Emily believes the practice of self-nurturing self-care skills in  conjunction with strong self–awareness are the keys to living a life of vibrance and purpose.  

A creative problem solver, and a big kid at heart, Emily incorporates having fun with her resourceful skill set to provide outstanding guidance.  She is a master at clarifying individual needs in conjunction with family needs, cultivating a positive, loving family culture.  Emily also offers a self-guided online course titled “Wellness for Midlife, Lessons to Slow the Aging Process”.  Emily welcomes the opportunity to provide educational seminars on the effects of screen time use for all ages and simple ways to form healthy habits.

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