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Erin Chen, MSc Med
SexEd Specialist & STC Certified Digital Wellness Educator

The Progression of Sex Ed and Screen Time: Essential Knowledge for All Ages

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Hi, I’m Erin! I hold a Masters of science in medicine in sexual health counseling from the University of Sydney, and have been an avid advocate and educator in the sexual wellness and education space for the past 9 years. After becoming a parent and watching the spread of tech and screens into family homes throughout the pandemic, I became increasingly concerned about what the future holds for my children and their peers if toxic tech habits go unchecked.

In today’s world, many conversations about tech & screentime intersect with conversations about consent, safety, porn, etc. This is why I believe that addressing both areas gives a family the most holistic foundation to empower their children with life-changing habits and knowledge, and grow into happy, healthy, thriving adults.

Instead of acting from a place of fear in these “tricky” areas, my aim is to help you stay informed and feel confident to have open, honest conversations with your kid(s), while supporting you with helpful tools and community.

I know how hard even the basics of raising another human being can be, let alone to also stay on top of the information and actions needed to steward our kids through this complex and quickly evolving world of tech and sexEd. If you are a parent / caregiver looking for support in these areas, I would love to hear from you.

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Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

I’m available to meet in person, deliver seminars internationally and via Zoom. With roots in Boston, Zurich, and Asia I am truly a global advocate ready to help you.

Other Certifications:

Level 1 Certification in Tech Addiction & Digital Health for Clinicians and Educators (National Institute of Digital Health & Wellness)
Authorized Darkness to Light Facilitator (on child sexual abuse prevention)
Consciously Digital Coach Spring 2024 Cohort
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