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Jessica is a wealth of tech-intentional knowledge for families and groups looking for seminars on all different digital wellness topics, including mitigating the Attention Deficit, Depression and Anxiety caused by Digital Media Overuse (DMO), optimizing brain development, and protecting children from pornography exposure and predators. Blue light and screen time have been proven to cause many neurological problems that lead to long term challenges if not addressed while young.


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Jessica is based in Central Utah but travels nationally to deliver presentations for youth, parents, and young adults. Since studying Psychology and Nursing at UNR and BYU, Jessica has been a vocal supporter of proactive, ethical digital citizenship initiatives since 2016. She has four children ages 16-24 and first-hand experience with cell phone, social media and video gaming addictions. Her family was one of the first to participate in an intensive residential detox program in 2018 and gained priceless knowledge and resources. She dedicates her time to using those resources to help corporations, schools, and families prevent and correct Electronic Screen Syndrome (ESS) and Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD).

Jessica is trained to give guidance and Professional Development seminars about the proven physical, mental and emotional benefits of delaying smartphones and the toxic platforms that isolate and exploit our children. Armed with up-to-date statistics, research, and recommendations from experts, she can help you protect and support the children in your care. She has experience facilitating presentations for large groups in the medical field, schools, churches and intensive retreat workshops. If you are ready to explore workshops, seminars, or 1-1 intensive guidance options to address the #1 root cause of today’s stress – Screen Time – click below to schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery call.

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