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Joan Johnson is a pediatric occupational therapist with 20 years of experience working with children in early intervention, home settings, school settings, and pediatric hospitals. With a masters   

Master in Public Administration: Healthcare Administration (MPA:HA) and BS in Occupational Therapy,  she is passionate about helping children with neurodiverse learning needs develop new skills that promote social engagement, motor development, and independence.

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Joan is an advocate for early childhood literacy and motor skill development, and as a mother of a preemie herself, Joan understands the importance of developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate all areas of child development including screen time. She enjoys engaging children in meaningful play that helps develop new neural pathways, advance social pragmatics, and help children become independent and self-sufficient in an overwhelming world.  

An advocate for promoting physical activity, limited screen time, and getting children outdoors to play, Joan encourages parents to have their children participate in recess and promotes physical health and mental resilience with her pediatric populations. Joan has training in therapeutic interventions for children with sensory processing dysfunction, attention challenges, and emotional disturbances. She also is pursuing a certification in Emotional Intelligence (EI) to help educate adults and children on communication skills, self-awareness, and self-development. 

She is passionate about providing parent coaching to help promote safety, structure, and security for children and families. Supporting the entire family system in developing healthy routines, structure, and consistency to help with childhood mental health and screen time management is a personal and professional passion. 

Living in Oregon, Joan and her family enjoy outdoor adventures and making family memories at the Oregon Coast and in Central Oregon. 

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