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Jessica is a wealth of tech-intentional knowledge for families and groups looking for seminars on all different digital wellness topics, including mitigating the Attention Deficit, Depression and Anxiety caused by Digital Media Overuse (DMO), optimizing brain development, and protecting children from pornography exposure and predators.


Connect with Larissa Mills of Ontario, Canada

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Larissa is based in Ontario Canada, Larissa brings a wealth of knowledge to share about impact technology has on humanity.  Without mindful use of technology in the workplace and as functional adults, personal wellness and family life suffers. 

Larissa has created strategies, tips, procedures and protocols to help business professionals find routines that foster less tech-time. Larissa is confident that her research will provide guidance to all adults including professionals, parents, athletes and educators. 

You can find Larissa’s Podcast “At the Table With Larissa” on all major podcast players, or take a listen below!

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