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Are you constantly distracted by technology? Are video games and social media stealing your children’s childhood and wrecking family bonds? Do you find yourself on your phone scrolling or gaming more than engaging in person or exploring the real world? Could your school, organization, or group retreat benefit from a workshop seminar about how to use tech in a smart, safe way? Are you “done done” “over it” and ready to hit the reset button for good? 

Connect with Nicole for expert digital wellness workshops, seminars, tech audits, and high performance coaching.

School leaders you have a duty of care to inform parents of the risks of digital addictions, predators, and unregulated content and help them capture the big benefits of becoming screen smart in the era of Big Tech stealing our children’s time, health, and happiness. Employers, help your team thrive to capture the advances of AI without the pitfalls of tech overwhelm, learning to use technology in a healthy empowering way. The time is now to master your digital media habits as leaders of your company, family, and community.

A dynamic speaker with over 20 years experience helping families and businesses thrive, Nicole is one of the top digital wellness experts in the USA and internationally recognized leader. She is a former public school teacher and the founder of Screen Time Clinic® the largest international network of certified digital wellness educators. Through corporate seminars, school presentations, and 1-1 high performance coaching, Nicole and her team help others reach their ideal level of “human awesomeness”, escaping the wrath of digital overwhelm to use technology mindfully. Featured in the WSJ, PBS, countless podcasts, and other news briefs, Nicole shares a wealth of knowledge about this nichè area called “Digital Wellness” that impacts all areas of our lives and inspires others to do better with mindful time online and intentional routines. Her children’s book “Screen Smart Sam” inspires families with young children to prevent digital media overuse (DMO) which causes developmental delays and symptoms that manifest on the Autism spectrum. For adults, self-paced courses and live seminars guide all ages about ways to prevent technology from eroding our essential human functions necessary for a healthy, happy, and productive life. Nicole is based in Southern California, travels for speaking engagements, and coaches her private clients with compassion and clarity to maximize transformation results. 

Take Action, Book Time With Nicole for Speaking Engagements or 1-1 Coaching

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Need a Little Help? Secure YOUR Professional Screen Time Plan

Busy parents we hear you that you want help NOW that will make a visible difference ASAP! Let us help you keep your kids safe online and prevent digital temptations from disrupting your best parenting efforts with a free in-depth discovery & solution session.  Maybe you don’t realize that screen time is a proven risk factor contributing to ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety- holding your child back from reaching their full potential. Perhaps you can clearly see there is a problem with screens and KNOW you need to make time to have a better plan when it comes to screen time, but making the time to read all the literature yourself and plan it yourself is just TOO OVERWHELMING! I get it! I was there myself when my kids were young, but now I’m here FOR YOU – as a highly experienced teacher + tech expert + parent coach + teen mentor. I have a combination of skills that no other professional in this industry has to fast track your family to love rather than loathe technology. Book time with me now for a free 30 minute power session and leave with CLARITY and A PLAN, feeling great you are taking the right steps to protect your kids, get started on a digital detox, make a tech-reset plan, obtain a Screen Modification Demand (SMD) letter, or move forward with clarity. Why wait when you can unlock the greatness in your child and improve academics, mental health, ADHD and OCD challenges and a whole host of other benefits of reduced screen time?! Let’s get started, book time with me now. 

DIY: The STC 2024 Digital Media Guide for Families - just $19.95

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  Get Yours Today to Reset and Refocus Your Family.

Don’t let screen time disrupt your best parenting efforts any longer! Download the Screen Time Clinic® 90 page Digital Wellness eBook to help you have clarity and over 20 printable tools to make positive changes NOW. This book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date guide in the industry… without being overwhelming! It includes ALL the information you need to start conversations about what type of life you want for your child(ren) and how to support them in the digital age, crafting a path for success that works for YOUR family. Updated on a continual basis, this eBook covers all the bases and LOTS of customizable printables. It includes links to studies about WHY limiting and monitoring is so important, help identifying special at-risk children, and HOW defining your family values to start making real changes in your home is essential. Everything you need to get BOTH PARENTS –or equally important build your own resolve as a single parent– on the same page towards a new routine for your child(ren) or prevent a crisis from the start! PLUS determine if your child is at higher risk for Electronic Screen Syndrom,Virtual Autism, and Addiction and what detox vs reduction strategies would work best– or if free range no-restrictions are okay. See symptoms on the autism spectrum greatly reduced with limited screen time or many behavior and focus stamina problems completely resolve themselves during a 2 week digital detox. Every child is different and this guide shows you how to determine what is best for your family! Included is a customizable Responsible Use Pledge and Rewirement Plan for tracking new habits to clearly outline expectations and keep kids safe and accountable. As an added bonus, our \”Read to Reset Your Superpowers\” Guide is also included, Perfect Week activity sheet to manage little\’s time, and You Got This guidance! Over 20 printable worksheets and guides, everything you need to make changes in your home WITHOUT self-creating these documents or a list of rules kids rebel against because parents made them. These tried-and-true best practices and approach to mindful time on technology are sure to bring a whole new order to your home and peace of mind for parents. Building healthy habits is more than just restricting time online, it\’s living a life by design. You will get a PDF (24MB) file

A Few Past Speaking Engagements- Over 350 Since 2019!

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Book a FREE consultation with me to eliminate family stress and alleviate youth suffering from symptoms proven to be caused by screen time– and greatly improved with a reset!  Prevent or address gaming addiction or social media obsession. Get your “tech check up” scheduled now before children turn 18 and become extremely resistant to change and suffer a prolonged cycle of self harm.

For businesses, I offer custom HR solutions: corporate presentations, workshops, coaching, and courses. Reclaim work-life balance, increase workplace satisfaction and productivity with the right training! Combine with advances in AI training for a power session of best-in-class-tech practices.

Want to work with me as a collaborator or new team member? I am always open to new opportunities to help more people in the area of technology and wellness.

 Send me a message via LinkedIn.

  • Nicole’s Speaking Fees

    Small non-profit entities anywhere INSIDE of the 48 contiguous United States – $3,000 – $5,000.

    For-profit entities, large nonprofit orgs, national / international conventions, etc. INSIDE of the contiguous 48 United States – $6,000-$8,000.

    For-profit entities, large nonprofit orgs, national / international conventions, etc. OUTSIDE the contiguous 48 United States – $9,000-$15,000.

    Half day training rate – $7,500 / Full day training rate – $12,000.
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