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Secrets of Unplugging: Digital Detox Camp

Tune in for an enlightening and practical webinar, “Secrets of Unplugging Camps,” where Nicole Rawson and Michael Jacobus will share insights and strategies from their experiences in helping children and teens overcome technology addiction with a focus on summer camps and the digital detox process. This webinar is perfect for parents, educators, and mental health professionals curious about effective solutions to address the growing challenge of digital dependency among youth. 

Key Topics:

  • The psychological and social impact of excessive screen time
  • Signs and symptoms of gaming addiction, social media overuse, and excessive streaming
  • Success stories from those who have completed a digital detox
  • How a digital detox opens opportunities for life skills development
  • Strategies for parents to undertake a digital detox at home


Nicole Rawson,
Founder Screen Time Clinic®

Michael Jacobus,
Executive Director Reset
Summer Camp

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