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Digital Wellness Coaching: Why Your Family Needs The Help of a Screen Time Expert

Just because we “know better” doesn’t mean we “do better”. It’s human nature to avoid difficult tasks, indulge in pleasure, and dislike being told what to do — especially by our parents regardless of our age! But it’s also the parents who children look towards to learn family values, expectations, and build self awareness. So when parents have a difficult time, well, parenting, and helping your kids do what you know is good for them, not not do what you know is bad for them, it’s natural to turn to others for support.

Some cultures are fortunate to have others in the extended family network (uncles, aunts, or grandparents) who are comfortable to speak up and reinforce parental rules and family expectations. As family dynamics have evolved over the years, technology has become a central focus for youth, and we are becoming more and more disconnected. Youth are taking advice of strangers online rather than leaning on family — even though technology should help bring us together it creates a wedge between parents and children. Without a solid screen time plan, time on technology steadily increases, causing neurological and relationship disruptions that can last a lifetime if not addressed during the formative developmental years.

So where do parents turn for support? Many seek support of other parents and friends. Many have groups online. However it’s very difficult to have these people advocate your beliefs directly to your family on your behalf or offer concrete solutions. They are good for sympathy, but even then, when talking about sensitive subjects like screen time overuse or gaming addiction, many parents avoid being honest or addressing the issue altogether. Often their children have screen time overuse issues too but its easier just to ignore than admit the situation needs improvement because it’s “not really hurting anyone” or “better than getting into trouble elsewhere” or they simply don’t want to be the “bad guy” and set screen time restrictions.

But everyone has a feeling screen time is doing more harm than good, and they are right! Kids feel it, parents know, teachers know, pediatricians know, psychologists know, even grandparents know it’s not healthy to be on your screens all day, instead of other activities, and especially well into the night! But it happens anyway. Because parents only have so much will power to accomplish their family goals alone.

Therapists and teachers are a big help advocating what is healthy and right for your children and often speak directly with them and gain input from the whole family. However their resources for screen time reduction is limited. Teachers don’t have the time and therapy can be expensive.

So what is the best way to receive screen time usage support that will lead to change? To make significant changes in screen time habits within a household, we recommend inviting a “neutral expert” into your home, helping parents and children unite with a common plan for screen time. This will make the biggest impact in the least amount of time, setting a new positive path for your family. A Screen Time Clinic® digital wellness coach help reinforce your family’s values of being mindful about screen usage and will implement a plan towards being tech-intentional, protecting developing brains from harm. Even though parents say things a million times, it often takes an expert to really make an impact, saying the same thing, just a slightly different way, with new routines that turn into habits, creating a strong foundation for a lifetime.

Learn more about Screen Time Clinic‘s digital wellness coaching services to make parent’s lives easier and reduce your family’s screen time dramatically without drama! You only have 18 years to protect your child’s brain development from screen related disabilities that can lead to a lifetime of struggles — why wait?

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